Electric Toothbrush Buyers Guide

Dentists all around the world are getting on board with electric toothbrushes as the best way to ensure that your personal oral hygiene routine is optimized every day. Electric toothbrushes represent a radical shift in gear in the longstanding fight against dental illness. These intelligent brushes are great for easily going that extra mile towards dental well-being on a daily basis- they’re convenient to buy, operate and maintain. If you’ve already made the switch from manual to electric you’re probably already feeling the advantages. If you’re looking to switch your model of electric toothbrush, you’ll know what to expect from the generic models and why a unique one may be right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new electric toothbrush:

1) Look up the three Rs

Requirements: Know what you need. An electric toothbrush is a powerful way of fighting plaque, keeping gums healthy. And getting your pearlyelectric toothbrush buyers guide whites to-well- actually look more pearly white! Some brushes also feature built in monitors and timers that will let you enhance your brushing methods.

Recces: Look around at all the options available to you. Spend a little time (it’s worth it) reading the details about their capacities and features. Give yourself a good idea of the choices you have and narrow them down to a few top options.

Reviews: It’s well worth looking at what previous users have to say about the brushes you’re looking at. Go for an overview of comments on purchase sites, user forums and industry reviews. You may be able to get a clear picture of what to expect from your options.

2) Ask the right questions

Familiarize yourself briefly with the technical terms used to describe product features or capacities. Ask yourself whether the brush of your choice fits in to your list of personal requirements in an electric toothbrush. Compare features on your shortlisted options to settle on a choice.

toothbrush features

3) Go Pro

Quality is crucial to any successful purchase. Even more so with something as critical as your dental wellbeing! It’s always wise to choose reputed electric toothbrush vs manualbrands with uncompromising standards. Look out for dentist recommendations or industry awards: the professionals choose the best.

On the whole, with a little bit of research, you can’t go wrong when you’re getting your next electric toothbrush. If you’re making the switch from manual, you’ll be happy in the knowledge that you moved on to the top of the range. If you’re switching models, your research will enable you to make a truly empowered decision.


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