The Colgate A1500 ProClinical Toothbrush Review

Colgate A1500 ProClinical Rechargeable Electric ToothbrushWho Would Benefit from This Product?

The Colgate A1500 ProClinical is not your average type of electric toothbrush. It is specially designed to compete with brushes at the top of the marketplace, but that also means that you should expect to pay for such a well-designed piece of tooth cleaning equipment. When compared to other top electric toothbrushes that are available to consumers, the A1500 really seems to “tick every box”, and it offers so many features that you might have trouble believing them at first.

Product Description

The most basic type of toothbrush, a manual toothbrush, is a completely different tool than an electric toothbrush. But even the days when your average electric toothbrush was a great tool are in the past.

The Colgate A1500 ProClinical has three different types of specialized heads available, so there should be something suited to most people. Whether you have sensitive or damaged teeth, or even if you want an extra hard polishing – they’ve got you covered. You might not want to pay to test them out, but that’s where Colgate has done you a favour, and included replacements of two of the varieties. In total, however, the three different types of heads are:

  • ProClinical Triple Clean; contains spiralled bristles, for removing stains, a special inner bristle, and a tapered bristle on the outer that goes along the gum lining.
  • ProClinical Sensitive; soft bristles with tapering for the gum line, and very fine bristles on the inner, for the cleaning teeth as gently as possible.
  • ProClinical Max White One; the power tip has spiralled bristles, to help get rid of stains, and there are three different types of bristles to polish teeth as much as possible.

Product Features

  • Embedded Bluetooth activity, which gives full integration between the toothbrush and the special app.
  • Six unique brushing modes, giving each individual user the most suitable and customized clean.
  • Easy-to-read LED display lets users know what mode their toothbrush is currently in, even when being held at an angle.
  • Brushing timer built into the brush, so that you will know when you’re recommended two minutes of brushing is complete.
  • A special sensors in the toothbrush will adjust the speed, depending on how it is being held, and which position the brush is in.
  • A manual selection mode allows users to choose any specific mode, in case they would rather decide for themselves.
  • Sonic cleansing action allows a superior clean to that of flat-trim and manual toothbrushes.
  • The sonic feature actually polishes your teeth, so that plaque and stains can be removed with the maximum level of efficiency.
  • Inter-dental clean allows for cleaning to occur deeply between the teeth.
  • Removes up to 5 times more plaque than a regular toothbrush, at the line of the gums.
  • Special 30 second pacer will pause for a brief moment, after each period of 30 seconds is over, to indicate that it’s time to move onto the next part of the mouth.
  • A handy and practical travel case will protect your toothbrush when you are travelling.
  • Refill heads for your toothbrush, with two special types to select from, including Sensitive and Triple Clean.



Those who buy the Colgate A1500 ProClinical will be delighted with the brushing experience  they receive. Some of the features that really give the A5100 ProClinical an edge include the 30 second pacer, so that you know when it’s time to move onto the next quadrant in your mouth, and the automatic adjustment. Most people probably aren’t aware that they might be brushing too hard, or too soft. This really is an intelligent toothbrush, so it can take the guessing work out of the act of cleaning your teeth and gums. On the other hand, it’s always great to have the option of selecting a manual mode, and Colgate has been good enough to include that here too.


If you are going to spend this much on a top-of-the-line toothbrush, you shouldn’t expect to find a whole lot of negative points. One of the few things that some people might not like, is the toothbrush charging stand. It works well, and is fairly standard in the industry, but that’s also one of the problems. A toothbrush that is as great as the Colgate A1500 ProClinical should come with a better charging stand, especially when you consider some of the extras that other companies throw in with their own brushing systems. However, if you can overlook this small issue, you should be more than happy to own an A1500.


In a world that’s filled with acidic, sugar-filled sodas, and untold amounts of junk food, it is refreshing to know that people have such a great selection of electric toothbrushes. If you are still using an old-school, manual toothbrush, maybe you would like to jump right into the world of advanced oral hygiene by purchasing a Colgate A1500 ProClinical. Even if you think that your regular electric toothbrush is doing the job “well enough”, you might want to try out something that will enhance how well you clean your teeth and gums. The Colgate A1500 ProClinical has clearly been designed to suit the needs of almost anyone, and it has just about as many features as any other toothbrush on the market.

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