Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush with BluetoothOral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series Review 

With the Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series, intelligent Bluetooth connectivity now comes to the toothbrush industry. I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly bridge Bluetooth connectivity and oral hygiene. Well, it is now possible with Oral-B’s performance app that will now enable you to have a personal, oral care expert at the palm of your hands. If ever did the human race need to optimize something, it was the way we brushed our teeth. Not only does this smart toothbrush aid in the complete optimization of the way you brush your teeth, but it also allows you to set hygiene goals and work to achieve them. It is the next level of oral care innovation, with precisely angled bristles and a brush head that is effectively designed to power through more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

Back in the day, the infamous Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) had a 12-bit memory with an approximate 2 MHz clock. Well, this toothbrush delivers double and triple the amount of processing power to your toothpaste covered fingertips. With almost 50,000 precision oscillations per minute, the Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series delivers a completely new rotational and pulsating experience through its patented toothbrush head. It follows the characteristics of most professional cleaning tools you would see at the dentist. That does not mean that it enables you to skip your yearly dentist appointment, but it does mean that your dentist will be more impressed than ever with your newly found level of oral hygiene.

This little piece of technological brilliance is proven to remove double the plaque that your old, manual toothbrush would. It is engineered to output a performance that is unrivalled by any electric toothbrush on the market today. An experience like no other, Oral-B truly set the bar higher than ever with this toothbrush, and we still haven’t even got to the smart application or Bluetooth connectivity features.

Upon unboxing, you can instantly feel the hardness and stable rigor of the 6500 Smart Series. Oral-B did not just pioneer a first in dental care, but they did so with style and a lustrous design. The Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series comes in black with four different, substitutable brush heads that are tailored to your desired high performance brushing. In a time in which you would be getting ready to replace your toothbrush, why go through the hassle of choosing soft, medium or hard? No one really knows what they mean, but with the 6500 Smart Series, you can get a precise feel of just how “hard” or “soft” you want your tooth brushing experience to be. That is all done through the magnificent new app that I will discuss in detail throughout this review.Oral-B Pro 6500 replacement heads

To revolutionize the brushing experience of people around the globe is the reason Oral-B set out to create an unprecedented approach to brushing your teeth. There is a huge stretch of quality and level of technology between an electric tooth brush and the Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series electric tooth brush. This is not just another electric tooth brush that buzzes away until you think you’ve adequately brushed your teeth. No sir. This will tell if you did a good job brushing your teeth and adapt to your brushing style in an artificially intelligent way that has never been seen at the washbasin before. On a single charge, this amazing toothbrush can last up to 10 days under the assumption that you use it twice a day (which you should).

One of the first things that many people, including myself, would do after unboxing and leaving the 6500 Smart Series to charge is to start discovering the application. The Oral-B app is available on, both, Android’s Google Play and the iPhone’s App Store.My first impression of the app was that it offers features that the 6500 does not necessarily need, but hey, the more the merrier I guess. This application enables you to monitor and track your brushing performance while providing beneficial and, sometimes over the top, analytics to compliment your brushing style and help you improve on it.

One of the major benefits of the Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series and its app is that it caters to people who have low attention spans. We all know that in order to effectively get rid of all the plaque, germs and bacteria, we have to brush our teeth for at least 2 minutes, but do we actually do that? The brilliant 6500 Smart Series divides your mouth into four quadrants: top left and right and bottom left and right. In addition, it also allocates 30 seconds of brushing for each quadrant.

At this point you’re probably wondering about how effective it would be to use a smartphone at the sink while brushing your teeth. Well, unless you have a water proof smartphone, you might want to keep it away from the sink and avoid dropping it in at all costs. The 6500 Smart Series’ smart buzzer feature gives you a light vibration when your allocated 30 seconds of quadrant brushing is up. This prompts you to move to another quadrant. The process repeats until you‘re completely done with all four quadrants. As you are brushing, and with your smartphone at a visible safe distance, you can observe live feedback from your new brushing companion. The Wireless SmartGuide gives you real-time feedback on your brushing performance.Oral-B Pro 6500 six settings plus pressure sensor

Not only does it do that, but the toothbrush also has pressure sensors built in that can determine whether or not you’re exerting the required force on your gums to guarantee effective cleaning. How do you know if you are? Well, the SmartGuide or, as I like to call it, brushing buddy will give you feedback in the form of a happy face whenever you’re applying the required force, and a sad face whenever you’re not applying the required force, or too much force. It took me a while to adapt to the recommended amount of pressure, but once you do, you can really feel the difference after brushing. Something that my ordinary toothbrush couldn’t possibly accomplish.

The Oral-B app has a Star Reward system that rates your brushing session based on the time allocated per quadrant, average pressure applied and total time taken to brush your teeth. Being a gamer, I personally always want to see those 5 stars at the end of every session. Sometimes, a 3 star rating makes me want to go back and start brushing again. Not advisable as you should only brush your teeth 2 or 3 times a day!

The Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series makes you feel like you went to the dentist for cleaning. There is a non-Bluetooth version already on the market. The Bluetooth features do not seem integral to what this electric toothbrush (Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth version) is trying to push; however, it is a personal choice depending on how much a fellow tooth brushing geek wants to visualize his brushing sessions.

Oral-B didn’t just create an app to compliment a toothbrush. This app has countless of clever tricks and features that are witty and enable you to further your productivity while you are brushing your teeth. The app comes with weather and new information. In addition, you get a scenic picture slideshow (courtesy of National Geographic) that will keep you occupied for the entirety of your two minute brushing session.Oral-B Pro 6500 3D Rotation For A Deep Clean

Going back to analytics and features that are teeth related, this app provides insight you’re your historical data, so that you may summarize and view the development of your oral hygiene skills with the touch of your fingers. Furthermore, if a dentist gives you a brushing schedule or regime, you can preset it into the app to have the toothbrush adapt to it. Regardless of how many people will opt for the non-Bluetooth model due to the lower price, the app essentially is your toothbrush and you cannot expect to get a more productive and effective experience without it.

The bottom line is that Oral-B’s Pro 6500 Smart Series electric tooth brush and smartphone application really surprised me. Before trying it out, I was under the impression that it was just another electric toothbrush that would eat away at my wallet. The built-in news and weather features coupled with the timer and brush guide truly are remarkable features that transforms the chore of brushing your teeth into a less arduous task.

In my opinion, the difference of Bluetooth does not justify the major price bump from the non-Bluetooth model; however, it is an investment that I would be willing to make given the complete difference in efficacy and performance. Teeth are one of the most parts of the human body that require regular preventative maintenance and care. Using the Bluetooth enabled Oral-B Pro 6500 Smart Series will definitely provide you with that edge and insight with its data collection and historical tracking features.

The package comes with interchangeable heads, a charging dock and a travel case for an MSRP under £200 and eligible for free delivery within the uk. With its aggressive physique and sleek curves, the 6500 is one toothbrush that would look good in your bathroom. Oral-B has taken oral hygiene and tooth brushing and propelled them into the 21st century.

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