Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 Toothbrush Review

Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush BlackDental care is a vital aspect that any person should not forget about. Of course, it is an important aspect and you would want to ensure that you are getting the best dental care. Other than regularly visiting your dentist, you would also choose to use the best toothbrush. It can usually be determined with the help of your dentist and reading product reviews. If you are looking for the kind of toothbrush that would truly take care of your teeth, getting the Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 is recommended. Combine this toothbrush with your daily brushing routine and you will see the effect in the plaque removal aspect. The toothbrush can guarantee 100% better removal of plaque even in the areas that are commonly harder to reach. This is all because of the Sonic technology integrated in the product.

Who would benefit from this Product?

Taking good care of one’s teeth is one of the things that people make an effort to do. It is ideal for people who want to take advantage of the kind of technology being used in toothbrushes today for better assurance in their dental care. Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 will benefit those people who prefer the gentle yet 100% guaranteed cleaning that can be delivered by the product. It can also benefit people suffering from gum issues since it can effectively improve the gum’s health within a couple of weeks. The toothbrush can also prevent such disorder from developing.

Product Description

The Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 is included in the toothbrushes of the Sonic brand, which is among the most recommended by dentists. The itemPhilips Sonicare HX9352 Review has a sleek matte-black ceramic finish. The controls of the electric toothbrush are in LED and are hidden. It glows from within and it can fade when not being used. It features a simple yet stylish handle in black. It is the toothbrush made to improve dental health and whiten the teeth. It is proven to be able to remove about 100% plaque even in the hardest to reach areas. It is capable of whitening the teeth in up to 2 times in just a week. And, it comes with several accessories to make it a convenient toothbrush.

Product Features

  • Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 has a simple sleek and stylish design added with a matte-black ceramic finish.
  • It can whiten teeth in a matter of a week.
  • Plaque removal can take effect up to 100%, which makes it better than any manual toothbrush. Add its ability to reach even the hardest areas and you are provided with a perfect partner for caring for your oral health.
  • It offers optimal cleaning both along the gum line and between teeth, which gives the assurance of well-cleaned teeth throughout the day.
  • It comes with a glass cup, which also serves as the charging place as well as a USB travel case that charges the toothbrush too.

Philips SonicarePros

One of the good things about Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 is its uniquely styled brush heads. The bristles are in a diamond shape formation, which enables cleaning a greater area leading to whitening the teeth in just a week. It is designed to have 44% more bristles, which helps in removing plaques and whitening of teeth. It comes in two sizes as well, the standard brush head and the one with a mini brush head. The former is ideal in cleaning areas with special needs and the latter is for users with a smaller mouth and orthodontic patients.

The product also features 5 modes for brushing. There is the clean mode, meant for a whole-mouth clean, white for stain removal and teeth whitening, polish for polishing and brightening teeth, gym care for stimulating and massaging of gums, and sensitive, the extra gentle mode for users with sensitive teeth. It has a dual-charging system – one is the charging glass which you can just leave in your bathroom. The second is the USB travel case, which serves as a case and a charging place. It keeps the product charged especially when you are traveling.


Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 is a fine toothbrush, but some may find it more soft than they are used to. It can be very loud as well. But, these are minor issues compared to the benefit that it can provide to your oral health.

Customer Review and Scores

A total of 330 individuals reviewed the product. 245 of them gave a rate of 5 stars and 46 of them provided 44 stars. The result of the overall rates is 4.5 stars out of the maximum 5. One of the reviewers described the product as diamond fast and clean. It positively delivered what it said to do.


With a diamond fast and clean effect plus the other benefits it comes with, it can be concluded that the toothbrush is worth being part of your dental products. It can provide the kind of professional cleanliness that users would expect from such a product. In the end, Philips Sonicare HX9352/04 can make users feel fresher and confident.

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